Another minor forced to abort

On her short life she is already carrying the weight of an abortion over her shoulders. We didn’t make it on time, her mother forced her to do it. It’s been a year since then and it’s difficult to see her. Her mother doesn’t want us to help her. Once in a while she writes us, she is not doing fine.
Today we received a new message: “Call me, it’s urgent!” She thinks she is pregnant again, and she knows that she is already mother of two children, one dead, and the other with an uncertain future. One child does not substitute another.

No help

It’s the early morning of middle August, and several rescuers are arriving to the abortion center: Alejandra, Ernesto, Álvaro and Guillermo. They start talking with different women, when a couple arrives. The girl is very young. They stop and listen how the association MásFuturo can help them and the girl gives the rescuers her phone. We call her later, and she asks us to talk with his father, since he does not know how to face this situation. That very same day she calls us to tell us that her father wants her to abort. Her boyfriend, older than her and in a comfortable economic position, also wants her to abort her child. Her mother, that was away at the moment, invites her to leave her home if she does NOT abort. She is desperate, but she doesn’t want to abort. Her parents don’t let her leave the hose, so all we can do is to talk to her through the night.
She lacks courage, she feels week. She has named her child, a child with no opportunities. It’s been 10 days since then and she has given us the phone number of a friend of hers that is in a similar situation, but that counts with the support of her mother.


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