A cashier told the mother she should have had an abortion, she answered surprisingly

down-100perfectThe cashier looked me in the eye very sad and started to tell me: «I bet you would have loved to know that your child was Down syndrome before he was born. Did you know that nowadays there are medical test that can tell you this information?». Suddenly I felt astonishment, horror and fury. I thought the worst for this person… I stared at her and I had to control myself not to react violently. Then I overcome my instant reaction, I smiled and said to her: «I know. However, it’s a little bit harder to get rid of them after they are born. Trust me, I’ve tried it…». She was surprised. I sighed and continued: «So, what you were trying to say is that it is fine to kill my own child during pregnancy, but it is not fine after the birth? I can’t see the difference. I knew EVERYTHING about my child during pregnancy. He is my son now and when I was pregnant. There is absolutely no chance to let anyone hurt my son now or from the moment he was inside my womb, although there are a lot of people who consider him as disposable».

Life is beautiful for those who are tall or small, white or black, disable or not. To destroy their lives too son is to deny for them the chance for the world to see children so incredible as Gabe is, who really lives happy». upsocl


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