First Rescue in Dominican Republic

I just get to Santo Domingo. I will stay here a few months. I knew I was given some work also as a rescuer. On my second day on the island, someone texted me Madeleine’s phone number; Marta, my angel, sent me work to do. That baby is now in my head and in my heart, he is now depending on my, on how I can convince his mother not to have an abortion. I got to talk to her, she was preoccupied, frozen, first months of pregnancy can cause this reaction. Abortion facilities usually take advantage of this psychological state. Then I asked myself: «What am I doing here with this girl I don’t even know? I know no one here in Santo Domingo nor do I have any resources». I got in contact with some nuns, they offered her prayers… finally I contacted Charity Sisters and they offered me a solution. Meanwhile, Madeleine was frightened, she has just got married, is a university student and thinks the baby would prevent her to continue studying. She didn’t dare to tell the news to her parents. I encouraged her to be brave, her son is worth it. In the end –the moment every rescuer starts to breath normally– she told me: «I want to carry on the pregnancy!!!». Another baby saved, his life is precious. I feel so happy… Thank you, Madeleine!!. Ana de Elias, Rescuer John Paul II, now in Santo Domingo.


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