Hidden camera from a Danish reporter to an abortionist Morín

Trial against billionaire Morín reopens. Now it is accepted the reportage from the Danish girl recorded. It was done by two journalists from the English journal The Sunday Telegraph in 2004 with hidden camera for their reportage about Morin’s abortion facilities: “Spanish clinic faces police inquiry over late abortions“.

Minute 2: The Danish reporter phones to Barcelona; Morín himself picks up the phone.

  • Hello?
  • Hello, are you a doctor?
  • Yes, I am a doctor.
  • I call because I want an abortion.
  • From where are you calling?
  • From Denmark.

Minute 3

  • From what you have told me we can still help you. 30 weeks pregnancy, isn’t it?
  • Yes, 30 weeks. Is that a problem?
  • No, not at all, but we need you here as soon as possible.

Minute 7: the pregnant Danish reporter is now in Ginemedex, in Barcelona, and she is talking to Morín

  • Isn’t it a problem that it is so late? How many weeks were, thirty?
  • Thirty one weeks and three days. Is it a problem?
  • We have to be careful, but it’s not a problem.
  • Then, is it totally safe?
  • For you? I promise –says Morín with a solemn gesture of the hand.


  • How does it work?
  • It is just like a labor, but induced. It is a labor, but not natural, just artificial.

Minute 8

  • So, what we are doing is, first, we stop fetus’ heart –Morín explains.
  • Inside?
  • Inside, yes.

Minute 9

  • Are you sure that when the baby is born is dead? – asks Danish girl using the word «baby».
  • 300% sure.
  • What are you giving to him?
  • Is the same medicament as for a heart attack, but overdoses.

Minute 11

  • This is the form that has to be filled in; it is for those who come from England, Holland, Germany…
  • And Denmark –concludes the girl.
  • Why? –ask the Danish mate (another reporter) when she goes away to fill in the form.
  • Because, you know, it has some risks, she has to be sure… there are some moral, religious complications…
  • Here come patients from all around the world?
  • Yes, even from Australia.

Minute 13

  • I don’t see the father anymore; he just doesn’t want to have a relationship with the child –says the Danish girl.
  • And here you are – Morin answers, empathically and understanding.
  • And here I am…

Minute 20

  • Psychological test? – ask Danish girl.
  • Why?
  • It is the way we have to prove that you are, or can be, with anxiety, depression… Because law says that if you want an abortion is because you have a psychological problem so big that then we can help you –Morin explains.
  • It means that you say you have…
  • Yes, it’s bureaucracy

Minute 21

  • Law in this country –Morin explains– says that to have an abortion you have to have a severe psychological problem, and the one way to prove that is with this test. Are you sure you want to do it?
  • Yes –says the girl.
  • Do you have the money? –asks a secretary.
  • Yes, but not here, I left it in my hotel room. How much does it cost?
  • Four thousand euros.
  • Well, we are going to the hotel and then were coming back.

The girl would never come back to that abortion facility. Another reporters do come back, with a big camera on their shoulders.

  • Hi? Dr. Carlos? I’m from a Danish TV channel. I have some questions for you…
  • Hello? Welcome.
  • Are you having abortions here? Can I put you a microphone?

Minute 27

  • Law in Spain –Morin explains to the Danish reporter– says that if you have a mental disease or you are prone to have one you can try and go to different psychiatrists. There is no limit. This girl told me she has seen two of them, and the second one told her to go to a third psychiatrist.
  • What about morality?
  • That is something personal… You have your own moral, I have mine…
  • But, do you have morality?
  • You have to decide by yourself. I know what I have.

Minute 29

  • So, you cannot understand that there are people that criticize what you are doing?
  • What I do understand is that: first, I am a professional, a doctor. Second, I speak several languages. Third, I am older than you. Fourth, my beliefs are different than yours; you think one thing, I think another one. That is what’s different between you and me.


  • Some of the abortions that you perform here are from fetuses that could live outside the womb –insists the Danish reporter.
  • I am not a philosopher, I am not here to ask myself if a fetus could breathe or not…
  • Please, a bit of morality…
  • Take your morality and keep it to yourself. You have your own morality, I have mine. I have nothing to do with your morality.

Minute 30

  • The interview is done –Morin says after a phone call.
  • Done? I have more questions!
  • I will not answer them
  • Why?
  • Don’t you understand? Done!
  • I don’t understand why. Just a couple of questions more!

Minute 31

  • Can I call you with a few more questions? –insists the reporter.
  • I have my morality. I have work to do – Morin finishes at the door.


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