Two children are too much. It is better to kill one of them

Saturday morning, we are in front of an abortion facility in Madrid doing our job, rescuing. A couple approaches and we start to talk with them. They are about 23 years old and already have another son; now they are pregnant again. Firstly they listen to us, but when we mention that this second kid is just like the first one, they make a face and said that a second child is too much, the life is so bad… just one of them works. Finally they enter. We can not do anything. It seems that two children are too much. Jesús Gómez, Rescatadore Juan Pablo II.

But, who are they to decide who lives and who dies? Human’s miseries: I don’t want, I kill him; he is too much, I kill him… Sure, the unborn baby doesn’t vote, doesn’t talk, and doesn’t matter.(Picture: Felipe y Paulo, twins, priests: «My mum was told to have an abortion because the baby was wrong: three legs, four arms… But she didn’t want to, she chose life, although she could have had an abortion because she was supposedly in danger», says Paulo. She was pregnant of twins).


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