No argument is valid to abort your child

ingles5We are on our mission in the abortion facility that we call «the cemetery». It’s Saturday morning. Now is the time for the professional rescuers John Paul II: physicians, professors, and I, an economist. In front of us a young couple approaches the facility and we stop them to talk to them. They come from Salamanca, a city near Madrid. They tell us that she just got pregnant, they already have two other children, they have no work and owe two month of the house rent, and they are afraid that the landlord evict them (as it has happened before). Nor Red Cross neither Caritas have helped them, because they are a Spanish couple, they are not a priority. They also have to pay the school textbooks of their children.

She insists that she want an abortion, she doesn’t want to have so much bad times. She has a chance to start working in a cafeteria, but pregnant would be impossible. He, on the other hand, would love to have that baby, but won’t oppose her if she decides different. The rescuers spend with them a lot of time. We give them money to afford the journey, but what they really need is a job. While they are arguing about what to do we step away and we pray asking for a miracle. Finally, she decides not to enter in the abortion center today (she already had an appointment). At lunch time we go to MasFuturo organization. There she still gives us a lot of arguments: «I cannot give my children all I would wish for them», «I cannot get married», but after a few hours the go back home. A lot of people want to help them, we collect a lot of money to pay their debts. Nowadays, that baby is still alive, but we don’t know for how much long. Jesús Gómez, Economist. Rescuer John Paul II.


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