They entered the House of God. Rescuers John Paul II

This is not an ordinary baptism, because they could have Fdo.Calvo_0389been dead. The Rescuers John Paul II encountered their mothers at the gates of the abortion centers. On Sunday 12th of June they entered the House of God. The ceremony was celebrated by the Bishop of the diocese of Getafe (Spain), Mons. Joaquín María López de Andújar.Fdo.Calvo_0643

The babies could have never got to that point; their lives could have been truncated. Of course, each baby has different circumstances. The Rescuers know them, they know the mothers. Sometimes they just need to talk to somebody who listens, other times the mothers want to talk out loud, they need to speak.

Fdo.Calvo_0479We, Rescuers and volunteers of MasFuturo Association, get emotional when we think that none of these families have lost a single day of catechism and meetings. They all know that the only way is «going back to God».

Elisa was going to get in the biggest abortion center in Madrid. That day we were just a few rescuers and a lot of women entered without talking with us first, we weren’t able to handle it. We saw her accompanied. Rescuers John Paul II know well that usually boyfriends don’t let us to them. She was about to enter when we managed to give her a brochure with all the information. She look us in the eye, she was sad, she had already two children. It was a complicated situation. She got of the car and gave us her cell phone number. A few days later she came to MasFuturo Headquarters. She asked the baptism for her other two children. Her life has changed. We are very happy.Paloma-Salmo1

Some rescuers just finished their college exams when they decided to go rescue mothers and babies. That day they were rewarded. Alicia was getting out the abortion center. She is a beautiful young lady and seemed determined. At first, she didn’t want to know anything. But then, she went back and took a brochure about help for pregnant mothers. Alicia asked if they charged for the help and if they earn money for going to abortion centers like they were doing that day. She was shocked that they don’t, and she decided to give them her phone number. Later, she told us that she thought that people that were there, no matter the weather conditions, no money at all, tired for being standing up for hours… it couldn’t be something bad. She loves to come and visit us. She never misses a class. She is happy.

Nuria is very young. Her baby was conceived in violence. But she decided that her baby deserved to live. It wasn’t easy: trials, pressure, and depression. She has been rewarded, she has learnt a lot of the catechism; right now she is the best student. Now she smiles. She has passed all her classes. She gives us peace.Fdo.Calvo_0744-OK

Dislandy, she is the one that gave us permission to write her actual name. Her son is almost one year old. We knew her when she was 5 months pregnant. She had had an appointment with the abortion physician. But her life took a different path. Rescuers were giving information to pregnant women and stopped her. She listened carefully. José, the rescuer, explained her that the baby she was carrying was her son, unique, incomparable. She calmed down. Right now, she is so grateful to God, that she wants to speak with everyone. «Please, do not do it. I would have aborted my daughter, but right now I cannot imagine my life without her». Dis, as we call her, has her plans. She knows that her life is not going to be easy, she also knows that she has given her child the most precious gift, her life. Marta Velarde, MasFuturo.


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