My annual trip to Spain: saving babies

This year, during my annual trip to Spain to see family, I decided that I wanted to do something more for the world. I opted to rescue babies and mothers from abortion clinics with the organization Rescuers John Paul II. It had only been by second day of volunteering when I was confronted with a painful and shocking situation; we stopped a Muslim woman that told us her story, and like all abortion stories, it was hard to listen to, especially for a young woman with her entire life ahead of her. This woman was not planning of having an abortion because she wanted to, but because “the noise that the other two children made” was a serious bother to her husband. Absurd. Last year, when I wrote an entry for this blog, I vented to the public about the fact that abortion is just another form of machismo and misogyny. As a Catholic feminist that does, in fact, care about women, I will reiterate and affirm that abortion, besides being murder, is a subjugation of the most valuable and precious facet of womanhood, and by extension, mankind: maternity, the ability to care for others, the ability to give everything to someone other than oneself. I believe that men, instead of subjugating maternity, should learn from the generosity of women. Isabel V. Grace, from New Jersey, USA.


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