Valeria Mazza vs. U2

Argentine model and businesswoman Valeria Mazza was on the television program Destino: Where we are going (link in Spanish), driven by Dolores Cahen, LN+, and reflected on the meaning of ten concepts, current national and international issues, that matter to her: the debate on abortion, social distribution, and the government of Mauricio Macri among others. These are a few quotes from her reflection:

“Women have a huge challenge in this society, we have been winning many battles but we still have a long way to go.”

“I think it’s great that we can talk about this, that it’s debated. It’s a huge earring that we have.”

“Talking about this topic enhances us as a society. In the debate you always learn.”

I am in favor of life, the positive thing about this is that we can improve prevention campaigns, sex education, it is also essential that there is a good adoption law.”

“I have many questions with the subject. I think we should always defend life first and foremost.”

Faced with the hypocrisy of U2, now defenders of abortion in Ireland in the comming referendum to abolish the eighth amendment that protects life from its conception. Through their official accounts on social networks, U2 published a message encouraging voters to vote for abortion in the referendum of May 25th.


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