I can’t get over what happen last day

I need to write about the last day I went to Rescues. I can’t sleep thinking in that baby.  It’s Friday morning, very soon. Rescuers start to arrive, two of them are new. It is the first time for them, for me, on the other hand… it’s another day I wish I can see a girl with a new hope. After a few minutes, we see a couple who is approaching us, we talk. In a few moments I get to know all their life history, their problems and all the reasons they try to justify what they are about to do, they have an appointment to have an abortion right now.

At first, she doesn’t want to pick the brochure, but for some reason she doesn’t want to go away neither, she listens. We start to explain that her son is worth it, that she can fight for him and that from now on she would never be alone again, we will be by her side helping her. Finally, she accepts the brochure, but she is not totally convinced. Her boyfriend again and again to think about it, he has to go back to his country and doesn’t know when he is coming back to Spain; and even probably he would never come back. She looks at me, and then looks at her boyfriend. The girl wants to talk with Marta by cell phone; meanwhile I keep talking with her boyfriend. I start to understand better the situation. He is changing, he is saying that he «won’t come back», he doesn’t want to. He doesn’t «have» to go to his country; he has asked «voluntarily» repatriation. In a nutshell, he is abandoned her. A child here is just a hassle and he is not willing to do so. Behind all the kind words he is telling her like «You are the one that decides» then it appears «but remember, I am not going to be with you».

He is saying just these words when she hangs up the phone and says she wants to have the baby. She wants, but she is afraid to be alone, and her boyfriend’s word doesn’t stop. Nonetheless, she raises her head and says she wants to go on with her pregnancy. For the first time, I see her smile. She asks me to talk with her mother on the phone to explain her daughter’s decision and that we are going to help her, she doesn’t know how to tell her. The mother promise her all the support necessary, and tells me that if she wants to have this baby, she can go back home. So she does.

We say bye and I go to help a rescuer friend who is at the bar talking with another girl, as it is his first time I’m going to help him. The situation of the mother is even worse than the first one, but it is not enough to kill her baby. The rescuer has told her everything he can, but she doesn’t want to talk to Marta, because she is ashamed. She is not able to do that one thing for her child, a call. She goes to get the abortion…

In that very moment, something happens that shocks me forever. The first couple is going back to the abortion center to get the abortion. They change their minds. I would never know if they took that decision in the last moment or the words of the boyfriend, both kind and threatened, got what he wanted. It all happened while they were going to the subway station. It never happened to me before, but even that is in the mind of God. We are certain, we will never forget that day, neither will they. And maybe, although they weren’t able to save their child’s life, it isn’t too late to save theirs.  Rocio Lacasa, engineering student, Rescuer John Paul II


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