Why this one can live and your daughter’s baby can’t?

Today is holiday in the university, we don’t have classes. We get to the abortion facility and we cannot keep up with all the people who were entering the center. The staff has already seen us. We see a man with a 1 year old boy and a young woman with the older daughter. When we give them the information brochure, the mother tells off us: «I’m in a hurry, we’ve got an appointment, I have to go back to work. We are here for mi daughter». We looks at her daughter, she is speechless; it seems she doesn’t want to enter. Then we look at the younger child: «Is this your son?». He was; then she smiles. «Then, why this one can live and your daughter’s baby can’t?», we reply. We cannot understand why. She refuses to talk to us, take her teenage daughter and head to the abortion facility. We feel helpless, we feel very bad. Laura, Ana, Alex, Loreto y Marta, Rescuers Josh Paul II.

(Photos collected of aborted babies from the rubbish bin of the Isadora de España clinic, 2007, centroeu.com)


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